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03 Jun

Corton Classic Car Show, Corton.


Sunday 3rd June, 2018

The Corton Classic Car Show is planned to take place at Corton, near Lowestoft, Norfolk, NR32 5HW, Sunday 3rd June, 2018. You may reach the event organisers on 0771 915 4575.

About the Corton Classic Car Show

A Classic Car Show and family day out. Craft fair, auto jumble, all types of cars, powerboats, buses, recovery vehicles, childrens entertainment and refreshments. Procedes will go to GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL.



near Lowestoft


NR32 5HW

Please do not contact us directly about this event as we publicise the event only. The contact name and number are shown above.
— ED, Classic Events


Although we try to keep the information for this event as up to date as possible, we cannot guarantee that things haven't changed at the last minute, and we haven't been informed. Therefore, please contact the 'Corton Classic Car Show' event holder directly to confirm all details (especially event name, dates and location) before setting off to Norfolk.

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by Reece WarnerMay 20/2017

hello. just wanted to know what time its starts

by Garry SmithFeb 10/2018

show starts at 10.00 til 1600

by LeanneMay 03/2018

Hi, I'm just wondering how much it is to attend please? Thank you.

by Karla TindsleyJun 03/2018

Hi is this free to attend

by C WilliamsJun 08/2018

We had looked forward to being at this event and left home very early to arrive by 9.30. BUT the people organising the parking seemed to have no idea that a classic car is an expensive item which needs enough space to at least open a door. We were also expected to park three in a line bumper to bumper. Very dangerous. How would a centre car escape in an emergency? We left within minutes of arrival, extremely disappointed with the total disregard for safety - or regard for not only our vehicle but others, too.

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  • Location
  • NR32 5HW
  • Latitude : 52.514473

    Longitude : 1.747104

  • Grid Ref : TM543973

  • Easting : 654339

    Northing : 297332